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Spring 2018 The Tempest February 26 - May 18, 2018

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Montana Shakes! brings an interactive original play featuring scenes from Shakespeare to sixty elementary schools each spring. The play is accompanied by exciting theatrical workshops and introduces Shakespeare to young people in a way that is based on engagement and not apprehension.


The 2018 offering from MONTANA SHAKES! is All the West's a Stage: The Tempest. The loveable Johnny Dropbottom is now a playwright, assisted by his old pals Augustus Babylon, Samantha and Mary Sweetgrace. Featuring scenes from Shakespeare's The Tempest, Johnny is enlisted by Shakespeare himself to write a new masterpiece with the help of his friends. Montana Shakes! is accompanied by three sets of three different theatrical workshops (nine in all) making for a fun-filled day for students K-5 that also meets many of Montana's Common Core Standards in English Language Arts and Literacy. Call now to reserve a spot for your school or organization. Slots are filling up fast!

Workshops Offered

Montana Shakes offers three workshops that get students actively engaged in the accompanying production. 2018 Workshops are listed below:

Creative Design Workshop: Such Stuff As Dreams Are Made On

This hands-on workshop is geared towards the visual learner. Conjuring the big storm, creatures and magic of The Tempest, this workshop will bring the beautiful imagery of Shakespeare’s words to life. This workshop will focus on making props for the Tempest in their own imaginations. 

Movement & Characterization Workshop: Legged Like a Man and Fins Like Arms

Based in physicality and movement, this workshop explores how characters are created from the outside in. Using physical theatre techniques, students will learn how actors leap from one character to another. 

Language Workshop: Storytelling

Exploring the concepts and vocabulary of The Tempest, students will identify and embody storytelling elements. Using theatre games, students will play with Character, Plot, Setting, Conflict, and Theme. They will create original oral stories to be physicalized in the workshop. 

Show History

2008 - All The West's A Stage 
2009 - No Tour 
2010 - All The West's a Stage 
2011 - AWS: A Fool's Gold 
2012 - AWS: Good Knight, Sweet Prince, Great King! 

2013 - AWS: Brave New Words 
2014 - AWS: What Country, Friends? 
2015 - AWS: Star Crossed Stagecoach 
2016 - AWS: A Midsummer Night's Dream
2017 - AWS: Good Knight, Sweet Prince, Great King!
2018 - AWS: The Tempest


MONTANA SHAKES! begins with a 30-minute performance of accessible Shakespeare followed by a 10 to 15-minute question and answer to give the students an opportunity to learn more about the production. Three workshops are offered, designed to fit the age of the students and meet Montana Common Core standards. 

MONTANA SHAKES! only charges schools one-half of the actual cost of keeping the program on the road. The other half is made up through a combination of grants and individual donations. School administrations most often cover the fee, but often times parent-teacher organizations or community groups help to pay for part or all of the program. If there is a school in your community that you feel would benefit from the MONTANA SHAKES! program, please contact:

Susan Miller at 406-994-3303 or email for more information on how you can help bring the program in. 

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